HSD37 Harsh Duty Optical Encoder

Hollowshaft Optical Encoder Offering Improved Sealing and Extreme Shock/Vibration Resistance

  • Unbreakable Code Disc up to 20,000 PPR
  • Dual Isolated Outputs Available for Redundancy
  • Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Nickel Plated Housing
  • IP67
  • 400G Shock and 20G Vibration Independently Validated

HSD37 Harsh Duty Optical Encoder

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The HSD37 Series is designed for Extreme Duty applications. This robust encoder features a double-sealed housing that allows applications where regulatory wash-down or caustic chemicals are present. It can operate in high shock and vibration environments and is available in an Intrinsically Safe version, certified to ATEX, when used with the appropriate IS Barrier.
Feedback Type Incremental
Technology Optical
Mounting Configuration Hollow Bore, direct mount over shaft with multiple tethers available
Encoder Size (Flange) >2.0"
Hollow Bore Size 6mm-1"
Housing Material Aluminum, Nickel Finish, Stainless Steel
Max. Operating Speed 5,000 RPM
Resolution 1-20000 PPR
Supply Voltage 5-26VDC
  • Open Collector
  • Open Collector With Pull-Up
  • Push-Pull
  • DLD 7272
Protection Class (IP) IP67
Approvals / Certifications CE, ROHS
Operating Temperature Range -40ºC to +100ºC
Storage Temperature -40ºC to +100ºC
Enviroment Non-Hazardous
MCN-B1 10 pin bayonet, style MS3116-F12-10S $140.00
MCN-B1N4 10 pin bayonet, style MS3116-F12-10S, NEMA 4 $229.00
MCN-N4 6 pin, style MS3106A-14S-6S $84.00
MCN-N5 7 pin, style MS3106A-16S-1S $84.00
MCN-N6 10 pin, style MS3106A-18-1S $100.00
MCN-N6N4 10 pin, style MS3106A-18-1S, NEMA 4 $187.00
Mating Cables
108594-XXXX Cable assembly w/mating connector for H20 & HS35 encoder; 6 pin single ended Please select your required length:* $115.00
108595-XXXX Cable assembly w/mating connector for H20/H58 & HS35 encoder; 7 pin single ended Please select your required length:* $115.00
108596-XXXX Cable assembly w/mating connector; 7 pin dif. line dr., no index Please select your required length:* $115.00
112859-XXXX Cable assembly with 5-pin M12 connector Please select your required length:* $98.00
112860-XXXX Cable assembly with 8-pin M12 connector Please select your required length:* $149.00
1400635XXXX Cable assembly; 10 wires, Opal Please select your required length:* $225.00
Signal Splitter
RIMSS2 RIMSS2 Signal Splitter for all incremental encoders operating between 5-26VDC $1,102.00
Tethers and Cover Kits
114190-0001 Tether Kit, HS35R/HSD37, NEMA4.5 $97.00
114193-0001 Tether Kit, HS35R/HSD37, SLIDE $78.00
114573-0001 Tether Kit, 4.5 C-face single point with 3/8 bolt $96.00
114574-0001 Tether Kit for Standard AC motor fan covers with T-bolt $96.00
114575-0001 Tether Kit, 8.5 C-face single point with 1/2 bolt $96.00
114591-0001 Cover Kit, 56C face $137.00
114592-0001 Cover Kit, fan cover $137.00
114593-0001 Dual Cover Kit, 56C face $137.00
114594-0001 Dual Cover Kit, fan cover $137.00
  • Factory Automation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Steel Mills
  • Vector Motor
  • Wind Energy
  • Food & Beverage
  • Top Drive Applications, Drawwork Motors & Drums, Rotary Tables and Mud Pumps
  • Motor and Drive Speed Feedback
  • Converting Machinery
  • Material Handling
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Pickling Equipment
  • Processing Equipment
  • Elevators
  • PLC’s and Electronic Counters